Update 4 Thursday 24th October

An important letter will be sent to all parents on Monday 4th November 2019 outlining dates and activities for term 1B i.e. up to Christmas.  I have included some of what is in the letter below;

Christmas Draw in aid of School Funds:  If you would like to sponsor a prize for our Christmas Draw please let me know ASAP what you would like to donate.  We are also looking for small cash amounts that can be put together for a more substantive cash prize.  I look forward to hearing from you before Friday 8th November 2019.

Parent Teacher Meetings:  Parent Teacher Meetings will take place week on Monday 18th  and Tuesday 19th November for all classes.  To facilitate these meetings the school will close each day at 12.50pm.  The yellow bus will run at this time. Times and dates will be sent home in school bags on Monday 4th November.

Please note two afternoons have been set aside from teaching time to organise Parent Teacher Meetings.  You are asked therefore not to reschedule your meeting as it is often difficult to rearrange a new time. Please note all meetings will be of maximum length of 15 minutes.  If additional time is needed a further meeting must be rescheduled.

Update 3 Tuesday 8th October 2019

Dear Parents

There will be a curriculum evening for parents of children in P1, P2 and P3 next Tuesday 15th October 2019 as follows:
Primary 1: 7.00pm
Primary 2: 7.00pm
Primary 3: 7.30pm
I look forward to meeting with you then.
Mr G Farrell

Update 2 for Monday 30th September

Dear Parent/s

I would like on behalf of the entire school community to send our best wishes to Derrynoose GAC, the management and players, as they approach the Championship Final on Sunday.  This is a very special occasion and one that we are immensely proud to share.
I understand that for some families this is a particularly special occasion and one that they may wish to celebrate.  With this in mind, any parent that would like to give their child/ren the day off on Monday please email back to inform me if this is your decision.  This absence will not impact on your child’s attendance record.  Alternatively you may wish your child to come in late at 11.00am.  Again if this is your decision, please let me know via email also indicating if they are going to have dinner.  All emails should be sent before 9.00am on Monday morning.
The match will take place on Sunday at 5.00pm in the Athletic Grounds.

Finally, I wish everyone an enjoyable day on Sunday.  Up Derrynoose!!

Kind regards
G Farrell (Principal)

Update 1:  September 2019

To celebrate the success and achievement of Derrynoose GAC qualifying for the Junior Club Championship next Sunday we will host a Blue Day on Thursday.  Children can wear as much blue as possible including club gear.  We also ask each family to pay £1.00 per child for our blue bucket collection on Thursday morning with proceeds going to Derrynoose GAC.