Mid Term Break – Changes to closure

Due to replacement of corridor flooring the following changes have been made to mid term break arrangements:

Thursday 14th February: All children in.

Friday 15th February:  All children in – however, if families have prior arrangements please contact the school so that attendance will not be impacted upon.

Monday 17th February:  School Closed

Tuesday 18th February:  School Closed

Wednesday 19th February:  School Closed

Thursday 20th February:  No school for P1,2 and 3.  All other children should attend.

Friday 21st February:  All children to attend.

Thank you for your understanding with these new arrangements.

Mr Farrell

Armagh International Road Race

The ‘Armagh International Road Race’ will take place on Thursday evening the 14th February 2019.  Parents must ensure their child/ren are at the starter’s enclosure Top end of mall geol end –  at least 10mins before the time of your appropriate race wearing their run number and appropriate running gear.  The starting point will be at the geol end of the Mall. It is parents’ responsibility to ensure their child is ready and at the starting line for the appropriate race. Parents are then asked to make their way to the finishing arena – Court House End – and wait on their children.

Please text back by Friday 11th January 2019 to message about Road Race with your child’s name and DOB marked Road Race.

Children in Race 1 – 4 start at the gaol and run to the courthouse.

Children in Race 6-11 start at the geol – do one lap – back to geol and then run to court house.

The cost of entry is £2.00 and will be paid for by school funds.

Start Time Race detail
18:30 Race 1 – Boys born 2012 400m
18:35 Race 2 – Boys born 2011 400m
18:40 Race 3 – Girls born 2012 400m
18:45 Race 4 – Girls born 2011 400m
18:50 Race 5 – Mixed Special Olympics Race 400m
19:00 Race 6 – Boys born 2009/2010 1400m
19:10 Race 7 – Girls born 2009/2010 1400m
19:20 Race 8 – Boys born 2007/2008 1400m
19:30 Race 9 – Girls born 2007/2008 1400m
19:40 Race 10 – Boys born 2005/2006 1400m
19:50 Race 11 – Girls born 2005/2006 1400m