Another unique After Schools’ Club began today for P6/7 girls and members of The Great Oaks Club from Derrynoose Community Centre. The ladies from the club are bringing their experience and expertise and giving the children a wonderful opportunity to learn a craft which is sadly in decline among the young.

Stephanie and Elaine from ABC Council, who are funding the project, spoke today about the opportunity for inter generational work which is so relevant to us as this is one of the themes of Catholic Schools’ Week which begins this Sunday 27th. We will be especially celebrating being a Catholic school next week and this ASC is an excellent way to promote our community spirit.  It was fabulous to see the interaction between young and not so young.  The smiles on the faces says it all.

The ASC runs for a further 6 weeks and we hope to see some great creations, form some lasting friendships and learn some new skills.

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