Following P3s fantastic assembly Advent is well and truly under way throughout the school. P6 are celebrating the season of Advent with a special focus each day to help them prepare for the birth of Jesus. Thanks to Molly and her lovely Granny Freda, P6 have a beautiful Advent Calendar in their display. Molly helped her granny make the calendar and each morning a child gets the little gift in the calendar. A true Changemaker for her creativity, Molly selflessly said that she would do without a gift as there are only 24 spaces on the calendar but 25 children in the class.  P6 all awarded Molly a special change maker mark but I think we will be able to share gifts with Molly. Thanks to Pauline, our very thoughtful Classroom Assistant, as she added a little chocolate Santa for each child.  During Assembly each morning all the children have been reciting the Loving Kindness Meditation which P6/7 have learned in their Mindfulness lessons.   Canon Crawley has been down in school for the Sacrament of Reconciliation for P5-7.

Doors are being dressed for the Christmas season, the choir is preparing for their carol service and P1 and 2 are busy rehearsing for their play. Very exciting times in OLSM.

21 sleeps till Christmas!!