P6 had a very busy morning at the Navan Centre meeting two Vikings, learning to be SILENT monks in the scriptorium and finding out lots of exciting facts about the Vikings. All the children had an excellent day and will now be able to use all the information for their upcoming project on the Vikings next term.  Thanks to all the staff at the Navan Centre who made this both a memorable and fascinating experience for everyone.ABB2357D-A455-4B82-AC58-FEF7A918DDC716193FA0-B744-42B3-8B30-4BEAA7103C730D1F5552-9F7A-4218-AE62-5ED9403BD9EE88FED03D-4D3C-4C7E-B16B-6F80EC5AD58938765EAD-8252-4ADA-AC74-6D4BBEBE519C8D6F8317-D7EB-48A8-97AB-73602F455F20EF5D3C93-5258-4207-800D-E2B268B61B9A