Every Thursday children are encouraged to bring in medals, certificates etc achieved outside of school for our ‘Show and Tell Assembly’

Congratulations to Kate P4 who achieved her dolphin 2 award…


Congratulations to Caoimhe P5 who won player of the week at the Burns Soccer Club..


Congratulations to Grace P3 who presented her scouts badges…


Congratulations to Laoise P7 whose dog won the James Curran Cup last week in Limerick.

Congratulations to Ieuan and Ethan who competed at the NI Tae Kwan Do Championships in Bainbridge.  Ieuan came 1st in Sparing and 2nd in Patterns and Ethan came 1st in Patterns and 2nd in Sparing.


Congratulations to Lily who competed at the Tang Soo Do Dublin Tournament winning medals for Free Style and Forms. 


Congratulations to Alecia, Grace (very shy) and Daire who attended a special 10th Anniversary Tae Kwan Do Event in Monaghan!


Congratulations to Shea and Antion on winning a medal for football.


Congratulations to Ellie who cut her hair to be sent to the Princess Trust so that wigs can be made for other boys and girls who through illness might loose their hair.  Ellie got a special changemaker sticker for her generosity!!


Congratulations to Martin who competed in the Carlingford Road.


Congratulations to Frankie who won medals for football!


Congratulations to Charlie who got a football from Armagh Mid Fielder Stephen Sheridan.


Congratulations to Shona on achieving her Karate Belt.


Congratulations to Caoimhe, Shea, Sean Og, Shea and Odhran who competed in the Paddy McGrane Cup winning both the Shield and Plate!  Super well done!!


Congratulations to Daire P4 who competed in the Ballymacnab Blitz in Cullyhanna.  Great talent!!


Congratulations to Alex P4 on achieving his top grade in Music and Drama.IMG_9982

Aoibhin for camogie, Caoimhe for camogie, football & football, Josh for making his badge at scouts and Tara for tang soo do.  Well done to all!


Ben P6 Tang Soo Do;  Jesse Jane P7 Junior School’s Sports Woman of the Year and Ben P4 Bravery Award


Iona P5 for winning the Swimming Gala Cup, Jack P3 Medal for Football and Molly P4 Trophy for Football.


Scarlett for Irish Dancing, Daniel for Completion of Literacy Work, Ben for Tang Soo Do, Martin for Swimming & Football and Amy for Swimming Success.

img_8930 img_8931 img_9036

Dan, Sean Og and Lucy pictured with their recent Swimming Certificates.



Congratulations to Megan P2 on her Ballet Success!!  Super well done!!


Congratulations to Caitlin P6 on her Horse Riding Success!! Super well done!! IMG_1477

Congratulations to Caoimhe P4 on her Writing Success and participation in the Great Derrynoose Run!! Super well done!! IMG_1478