We had our second visit to Mary’s Meals in Dobbin St, Armagh on Tuesday this week to help the fantastic volunteers who gather each week to pack school bags which are then sent abroad. Our four volunteers, Ben, Breanna, Dan and Lucy have been the most patient of prefects as we have been trying to get this visit pencilled in since November.  At last we were off and spent a brilliant afternoon in Mary’s Meals packing bags, sorting pencil cases and, of course, having a cup of tea and chat.

Thanks to the ladies we enjoyed ourselves immensely, while doing something worthwhile and rewarding for others.  The volunteers are in Dobbin St every Tuesday and Thursday 2-4pm and are always welcoming to and grateful for any new volunteers for whatever amount of time can be given.  We also brought with us the P6/7 donations towards helping to feed a child for a year in school in Malawi.

We’re looking forward to our next visit to Armagh already.