Jesse Jane - Our Britain's Got Talent Star...

There was a rapturous reception on Monday past when Britain’s Got Talent Star Jesse Jane McParland returned to school,  after her magnificent performance on the ITV Talent Show which earned her four yes’, a second round place and a standing ovation from not only the audience but the four judges including Simon Cowell. 

We are very proud of our ‘celebrity pupil’ and each child either hugged or shook the hand of the ‘New Karate Kid’.  Indeed, a delivery guy who appeared on site couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted Jesse Jane and quickly sought permission to take a “Selfie’ with Jesse Jane to show his daughter who had loved Jesse’s performance on Saturday night.

The entire school community are very proud of Jesse Jane and her achievements to date.  We will now be preparing to do whatever it takes to support Jesse Jane as she progresses into the next round.   This will include allowing her to practice some of her acts during break time on fellow pupils and staff!!  Whatever the outcome of the talent show, that a true star had been born and that the future for Jesse Jane would be successful and bright.

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